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The standardization of machine tools, cutting tools and of the elements of machine tool construction and operation relating primarily to their use in manufacturing operations, including work and tool holding elements, driving mechanisms that constitute an inherent part of the machine tool, components and associated appurtenances; nomenclature, designations, sizes, capacities, and tests for accuracy of machine tools and of work and tool holding parts or elements; movements and adjustments of machine tool elements; and parts and elements for adjusting, guiding, and aligning work or tools, including slots and tapes, but excluding punches, dies and screw taps.  

The B5 Standards Committee currently meets once a year in various locations throughout the United States. The meeting is generally held in November and is open to the public. The B5 Technical Committees usually meet in conjunction with the B5 Standards Committee. Some B5 Technical Committees also meet separately in different locations throughout the year. The B5 Standards Committee and its Technical Committees are comprised of experts in the field of machine tools. Members of the B5 Standards Committee are classified in the following interest classes: Producer/Manufacturer, Regulatory, Services, General Interest, and User. The Committee works on writing new ASME American National Standards, and revising current ASME B5 and B94 Standards. The B5 Standards Committee operates under procedures of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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CHAIR Steven Wallace
Daniel Papert
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212)591-7526
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