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The development and maintenance of national standards for defining and documenting a product throughout its life cycle and related certification activities. This shall be accomplished by: 1) recognizing the continuing need for existing standards regardless of the source medium (e.g., paper, film, and digital) or method of preparation (e.g., manual or computer generated); 2) providing standardization where a variety of practices exist within industry and government; 3) providing standards for new concepts and technologies; and 4) supporting and coordinating development and harmonizing of standards with responsible standardization bodies, including ANSI, ISO, and government agencies.  

Officers Staff Contact
CHAIR James B. Hoskins
VICE CHAIR James Meadows
STAFF SECRETARY Fred Constantino
Fred Constantino
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Two Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212) 591-8684
Associated Committee Pages
Y14 India International Working Group (IWG)
US TAG to ISO/TC 10 Technical Product Documentation (Y14)
Y14 Subcommittee 1 - Drawing Sheet Size & Format
Y14 Subcommittee 2 - Line Conventions & Lettering
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Y14 Subcommittee 31 - Undimensioned Drawings
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Y14 Subcommittee 36 - Surface Texture Symbols
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Y14 Subcommittee 38 - Abbreviations
Y14 Subcommittee 39 - Limits and Fits
Y14 Subcommittee 40 - Graphic Symbols
Y14 Subcommittee 41 - Digital Product Definition Data Practices
Y14 Subcommittee 43 - Dimensioning & Tolerancing of Functional Gages
Y14 Subcommittee 44 - Reference Designations
Y14 Subcommittee 45 - Measurement Data Reporting Practices
Y14 Subcommittee 46 - Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing
Y14 Subcommittee 47 - 3D Model Data Organization Schema
Y14 Subcommittee 48 - Universal Direction and Load Indicators
Y14 Subcommittee 5 - Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Y14 Subcommittee 5.1 - Mathematical Definition of Y14.5 Dimensioning & Tolerancing Principles
Y14 Subcommittee 6 - Screw Threads
Y14 Subcommittee 8 - Castings, Forgings, & Molded Parts
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