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ASME is required to provide notification of the initiation and scope of activities expected to result in new or revised American National Standards. The following listing is provided for this purpose. Directly and materially affected interest wishing to receive more information should contact the staff person indicated. Any comments regarding the listed notifications should be submitted to the staff contact indicated prior to the comment deadline date shown.

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Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME B107.400 - 20XX, Striking Tools

Erika Lawson 02/25/18
The purpose of B107.400 is to define dimensional and essential performance and safety requirements applicable to various striking tools (e.g., Nail, Bricklayers and Ball-Peen Hammers, Hatchets and Axes, Prospecting Picks, and Riveting, Scaling, and Tinner’s Setting Hammers).

Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME B107.56 - 20XX, Body Repair Tools

Erika Lawson 02/25/18
The purpose this standard is to define dimensional and essential performance and safety requirements applicable to body repair hammers, dolly blocks, and spoons that are intended specifically for the reshaping of sheet metal panels normally found on bodies and fenders of motor vehicles.

Revise current ANS: ASME MFC-4M - 20XX, Measurement of Gas Flow by Turbine Meters

April Amaral 02/09/18
This Standard applies to (1) axial full-flow turbine meters with mechanical and/or electrical outputs whose rotating member is driven by compressible fluid and (2) the measurement of gas by a turbine meter; the meter's construction, installation, operation, performance characteristics, data computation and presentation, calibration, field checking, and other related considerations of the meter.

Revise current ANS: ASME V&V 10 - 20XX, Standard for Verification and Validation in Computational Solid Mechanics

Fred Constantino 02/11/18
The purpose of this document is to provide the computational solid and structural mechanics community with a common language, a conceptual framework, and general guidance for implementing the processes of computational model V&V. Recommended overall approach to V&V activities, and discussions of factors that should be considered in developing and executing a V&V program. Guidance provided to better assess and enhance the credibility of computational solid mechanic models.

Revise, redesignate and consolidate current ANS: ASME Y14.1 - 20XX, Drawing Sheet Size and Format

Fred Constantino 02/10/18
This Standard defines sheet sizes and formats for engineering drawings in both decimal inch and metric units.

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