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ASME is required to provide notification of the initiation and scope of activities expected to result in new or revised American National Standards. The following listing is provided for this purpose. Directly and materially affected interest wishing to receive more information should contact the staff person indicated. Any comments regarding the listed notifications should be submitted to the staff contact indicated prior to the comment deadline date shown.

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Revise current ANS: ASME B18.2.2 - 20XX, Nuts for General Applications: Machine Screw Nuts, Hex, Square, Hex Flange, and Coupling Nuts (Inch Series)

Angel L. Guzman Rodriguez 10/30/20
This Standard is intended to cover the complete general and dimensional data for the various types of inch series square and hex nuts, including machine screw nuts and coupling nuts, addressed by this Standard.

Revise current ANS: ASME B18.21.1 - 20XX, Washers: Helical Spring-Lock, Tooth Lock, Plain Washers and Wedge Lock Washers (Inch Series)

Angel L. Guzman Rodriguez 11/30/20
This Standard covers the dimensional requirements, physical properties, and related test methods for helical spring-lock washers (# 0 through 3 in.), tooth-lock washers (# 2 through 13?4 in.), plain washers (# 0 through 3 in.) and Wedge Lock washers ( #5 through 2 ½ in.)

Revise current ANS: ASME B18.31.1M - 20XX, Metric Continuous and Double End Studs

Angel L. Guzman Rodriguez 12/05/20
This Standard covers the complete dimensional and general data for continuous-thread and double-end metric series studs.

Revise current ANS: ASME B18.9 - 20XX, Plow Bolts

Angel L. Guzman Rodriguez 12/05/20
This Standard covers general and dimensional data for inch series plow bolts recognized as American National Standard.

Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME B89.7.5 - 20XX, Metrological Traceability of Dimensional Measurements

Justin Cassamassino 11/30/20
The scope of this Standard is the establishment of the concept and demonstration of metrological traceability to the SI unit of length (the meter) in the context of dimensional measurements. The International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology (VIM) provides a general definition of metrological traceability, however many details are not supplied in that definition. This Standard provides those details needed for dimensional metrology without contradicting the general definition.

Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME HR-1 - 20XX, Power Generating Facilities: Continuous Power Output and Heat Rate

Michelle Pagano 11/08/20
This document will provide rules and methods for the determination of continuous power output and heat rate with the lowest achievable uncertainties for hydrocarbon fueled Rankine cycle power generating facilities. Implementation of a continuous performance monitoring program will be outlined.

Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME PHM-01 - 20XX, Guideline for When and Where PHM should be Integrated in Manufacturing Operations

Donnie Alonzo 10/26/20
The proposed guidelines will include recommended best practices to
(a) identify areas where operational efficiencies can be improved
(b) define use cases linked to desired safety, environmental, and cost?benefit factors as well as operational improvements
(c) establish a baseline of current maintenance practices and health?ready capability levels
(d) implement cost?effective equipment asset condition management (ACM2) strategies and measure their effectiveness in improving operational efficiencies

Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME RM-1 - 20XX, Registration and Calibration Performance Test Methodology for Robotic Manipulators

Angel L. Guzman Rodriguez 11/30/20
This document provides definitions for test methods and metrics for the registration and calibration verifications of industrial robotic manipulators. This document establishes guidelines for assessing the sources and magnitudes of registration and calibration uncertainty.
This document also provides a means to quantify the impacts of registration and calibration uncertainty on the performance of the manipulator system, and to provide guidance for reducing uncertainty to levels commensurate to the user’s specified task requirements.

Revise, redesignate and consolidate current ANS: ASME Y14.39 - 20XX, Preferred Limits and Fits

Fred Constantino 10/31/20
This standard describes the limits and fits for mating parts. It defines terminology, symbols, preferred base sizes (first and second choices), and preferred tolerances (first, second and third choices). Tolerances for base sizes from 500 mm to 3150 mm are specified. Preferred limits and fits for sizes (first choice only) up to and including 20 in. and 500 mm are also included.

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