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ASME is required to provide notification of the initiation and scope of activities expected to result in new or revised American National Standards. The following listing is provided for this purpose. Directly and materially affected interest wishing to receive more information should contact the staff person indicated. Any comments regarding the listed notifications should be submitted to the staff contact indicated prior to the comment deadline date shown.

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Revise current ANS: ASME A17.4 - 20XX, Guide for Emergency Personnel

Geraldine Burdeshaw 08/03/20
Guide for emergency personnel (fire, police, etc), building owners, lessees, and building operating managers explaining the proper procedures to be used for the safe removal of passengers from stalled elevators. As well as provided information with regard to elevator firefighters' service procedures.

Revise current ANS: ASME A90.1 - 20XX, Safety Standard for Belt Manlifts

Geraldine Burdeshaw 08/02/20
This Standard applies to the manufacture, installation, maintenance, inspection, and operation of belt manlifts. Belt manlifts covered by this scope consist of steps (platforms) and accompanying handholds mounted on, or attached to, an endless belt operating vertically in one direction only and being supported by, and driven through, pulleys at the top and bottom. These belt manlifts are intended for conveyance of persons only.

Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME B16.53 - 20XX, High Pressure Connections

Ray Rahaman 07/16/20
This Standard covers pressure–temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, tolerances, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for coned and threaded tubing and fitting connections. Included are requirements for tubing end preparations, female connections, glands, collars, and plugs.

2.1 Ratings and Dimensions

2.1.1 Class 20K Tubing connections for sizes ¼, 3/8, 9/16, ¾ 1 and 1½ inch.

2.1.2 Class 40K Tubing connections for size including 9/16 inch and 1 inch.

2.1.3 Class 60K Tubing connections for sizes including ¼, 5/16, 3/8, and 9/16 inch.

2.1.4 Class 100K Tubing connections for sizes including ¼, 3/8, and 9/16 inch.

2.1.5 Class 150K Tubing connections for size 5/16 inch.

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