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ASME is required to provide notification of the initiation and scope of activities expected to result in new or revised American National Standards. The following listing is provided for this purpose. Directly and materially affected interest wishing to receive more information should contact the staff person indicated. Any comments regarding the listed notifications should be submitted to the staff contact indicated prior to the comment deadline date shown.

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Create a new American National Standard (ANS): ASME PDS 2 - 20XX, Dimensioning, Tolerancing, Surface Texture, and Metrology Standards - Supplemental Dimensioning and Tolerancing Specification

Fred Constantino 04/26/21
Establish new methods to specify geometric tolerancing requirements needed for function. Provide a set of symbols, definitions, requirements and recommended practices to supplement the design specification controls of ASME Y14.5.

Revise current ANS: ASME PTC-51 - 20XX, Gas Turbine Inlet Air-Conditioning Equipment

Justin Cassamassino 05/09/21
This Code provides procedures for in situ testing of inlet air-conditioning systems (cooling/heating) as they apply to gas turbines in simple, cogeneration, and combined-cycle

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