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ASME V&V Symposium Archive
1) 2020 May 20-22 Virtual Symposium
Plenary-Verification in Scientific Computing-Joseph Powers (5828KB)
Plenary-The Role of V&V in Decision Making-Hengartner (924KB)
Plenary-The Role of V&V in Decision Making-Jennifer Wolk (5540KB)
Plenary-The Role of V&V in Decision Making-Mirela Gavrilas (570KB)
Plenary-The Unanswered Questions in VVUQ-Bodner (745KB)
Plenary-The Unanswered Questions in VVUQ-Daniel Israel (4072KB)
Plenary-The Unanswered Questions in VVUQ-Hazelrigg (448KB)
Plenary-The Unanswered Questions in VVUQ-Kaizer (283KB)
Plenary-The Unanswered Questions in VVUQ-Oberkampf (670KB)
Challenge Problems for Medical Devices-Guler-Presentations V&V40.4A (2314KB)
Challenge Problems for Medical Devices-Guler-Presentation V&V 40.4B (10352KB)
Development of Standards-Goodin-Applying the ASME V&v40 Standard to a Patient-Specific Computational Model Used in a Software as a Medical Device (2314KB)
Methods for UQ-Guo-Non-Uniqueness in Model Parameterization and Its Potential Contribution to Uncertainty (1560KB)
Methods for UQ-IRICK-Full Function Sampling of Uncertain Correlations (843KB)
Methods for UQ-Kaizer-Complete Set of Errors for Modeling and Simulation (604KB)
Methods for UQ-Kaizer-From Error to Uncertainty (711KB)
Methods for UQ-Meadors-Data Assimilative Optimization of Wsa Source Surface and Interface Radii Using Particle Filtering (3424KB)
Methods for UQ-Prime-Physical Regime Sensitivity (3704KB)
Methods for UQ-Vaidheeswaran-Sensitivity Analysis of Particle in cell Modeling Parameters in Mfx-Pic (2381KB)
Methods for UQ-Schroeder-Characterizing Material Emissivity Uncertainty in Fire Environments for Computational Simulation (17998KB)
Methods for UQ-Winokur-Empirical Sensitivity Analysis for Scalar and Field Quantities (1794KB)
Methods for VVUQ-Romero-Processing Experimental Data With Random and Systematic Uncertainties in Replicate Tests of Stochastic Systems (1219KB)
Topics in VVUQ-Blake Lance-Experimental Credibility for Modeling and Simulation (2052KB)
Topics in VVUQ-Dodgen-Credible Evidence Package for Structural Dynamics Applications in Fabrication Environmental Testingl (3989KB)
Topics in VVUQ-Grove-A Verification and Validation Study of the Cyclops I Pbx 9502 Experiment (1497KB)
Topics in VVUQ-Nakhleh-Using Machine Learning to Identify Physical Relationships and Quantify Uncertainties in Icf (2463KB)
Topics in VVUQ-Orient-Credibility Framework – an End-to-End Credibility Workflow Platform (1744KB)
Topics in VVUQ-Orient-Next Generation Workflow – an Open Source Software System for Computational Modeling to Support Agile VVUQ (2401KB)
Validation Methods-Budzien-Incorporating Ejecta Models Into a Common Modeling Framework (13215KB)
Validation Methods-Romero-Processing Experimental Data With Random and Systematic Uncertainties in Replicate Tests of Stochastic Systems (452KB)
Validation Methods-Roy-Overview of the Nasa Virginia Tech Turbulent Flow Validation Experiment (8575KB)
Validation Methods-Tregillis-A Case Study in Improvement of a Multiphysics Model Through the Application of Verification and Validation Methods (21435KB)
VVUQ Advanced Manufacturing-Moorcroft-Experiences from Five Years of Certification by Analysis from Aviation Industry (1399KB)
VVUQ Computational Electromagnetics-Pautz-Adjoint-Based UQ and Optimization Under Uncertainty for Satellite Shield Designs (1885KB)
VVUQ Computational Electromagnetics-Pautz-Verification of Deterministic Radiation Transport Codes (1388KB)
VVUQ for AI and Machine Learning-Banyay-Credibility Assessment of Machine Learning Enhanced Manufacturing Process Quality Control for Nuclear (1018KB)
VVUQ for AI and Machine Learning-Fernandez_Godino-Using Machine Learning Techniques to Study and Validate Plasma Fusion Experiments (1645KB)
VVUQ for AI and Machine Learning-Guerin-Model Calibration in Latent Response Space Using Principal Component Analysis (2384KB)
VVUQ for Biomedical-Bodner-Strategies for Performing Uq for Biomedical Models Dominated by Epistemic Uncertainties (677KB)
VVUQ for Fluids-Montoya-Validation and Verification of Ansys Fluent Boiling Capabilities (2172KB)
VVUQ for Power Systems-Irick-Evaluation of Pore Geometry Effects on Porous Cell Thermal Behavior (1151KB)
VVUQ for Solid Mechanics - VVS2020-8849 Alroomi - Effect of contact Load on the Bending Deflection of CAM Profile with Roller Mechanism (839KB)
VVUQ Solid Mechanics-Andrews-Quantifying Uncertainty in Models for High Explosive Equations of State (11899KB)
VVUQ Nuclear Power Applications-Irick-Heat Generation in Circular Filler (1974KB)
VVUQ Nuclear Power Applications-Remedes-Radiation Transport Simulation Results Assessment Through Comparison With Reduced Complexity Analytic and Computational Models (32248KB)
VVUQ Transportation-Eshragi-Comparison of Methodologies for Finite Element Model Validation of Railroad Tank Car Side Impact Tests (2292KB)
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