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  Welcome to the ASME Codes & Standards Tools Website. Listed below are links to key web tools used by both Codes & Standards Staff and Volunteers to facilitate their Committee Process. While some tools provide open access to the Public others are "Members Only" and will require a username and password for access. For inquiries regarding member access, please contact your staff secretary.
This page offers the first step to learn all you need know about C&S Connect.
Up-to-date information on Committee Activity including meeting locations, staff contacts, agendas, minutes and more.
 Members-only access to document & revision status, on-line balloting and more.
Members-only access to up-to-date Committee Rosters, Committee Hierarchy Structure and Staff/Volunteer Contact Information.
Members-only access to the Codes & Standards Emailing system designed for distribution to C&S Staff / Volunteers or entire C&S Committees.
A complete listing of all ASME Codes & Standards proposals currently out for public review.
A listing of proposed Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Cases currently available for review and comment
A new service to users of the BPVC that allows you to download and print official copies of Interpretations that have been approved.
A new service to users of the BPVC that allows you to download and print official copies of Code Cases that have been approved, but not yet been released in a printed Supplement.
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