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A112 Plumbing Interpretations
A112 Plumbing Interpretations
Standardization of Plumbing Materials and Equipment

Plumbing Interpretations

ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of interpretations when or if additional information is available which the inquirer believes might affect the interpretation. Further, persons aggrieved by an interpretation may appeal to the cognizant ASME committee or subcommittee. As stated in the foreword of the code documents, ASME does not “approve,” “rate,” or “endorse” any item, construction, proprietary device or activity.

All of the files found within this folder are of the PDF file format and require Adobe Reader to view them.

A112.18.1-2003; para. 3.2.3, Thread Torque Strength Test (10KB)
A112.18.1-2003; para. 5.2, Package (10KB)
A112.3.1-1993; para. 3.9.4, Grate Openings (10KB)
A112.18.1-2003; Table 5, Minimum and Maximum Flowrates (9KB)
A112.18.1-2003; para. 3.5(a), Relating to "Standard Accessories" (10KB)
A112.18.3-2002; Section 3, Reference to ASSE 1025 (10KB)
A112.19.8-2007 (incl addenda a-2008); para. 4.1.4, Determining Maximum Allowable Rating (10KB)
A112.19.8-2007 (incl addenda a-2008); Section 2.3 Specific Design Requirements (10KB)
A112.19.8-2007 (incl addenda a-2008); Section Suction Outlet Covers/Grates (10KB)
A112.6.3-2001, Section 5, Top Load (10KB)
A112.18.1/CSA B125.1-2011; Table 3, Life Cycle Test (7KB)
A112.19.15-2005 (R2010); Section 2.4 Door and Seals (6KB)
A112.19.14-2006 (R2011), Section Test Media (62KB)
ASME A112.19.5-2011/CSA B45.15-11, Clause 6.2.2 (67KB)
ASME A112.6.4-2003, Tables 4 - 7 (66KB)
ASME A112.18.1-2011CSA/B125.1-11, Clause 6.3.2(b) (68KB)
ASME A112.18.2-2011/CSA B125.2-11, Section 6.1 General (145KB)
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