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To develop, review, and maintain requirements andguidelines for the design, manufacture, shipment, storage prior to erection and use, erection, testing, and inspection of cranes in nuclear facilities.  


The Next CNF Committee Meeting is scheduled for January 29-February 1, 2019 in St Pete Beach, FL .


The CNF Committee, sponsored by ASME International, operates with two subcommittees, the Engineering Support Subcommittee, and the Subcommittee Operation & Maintenance for Cranes. The Committee maintains two ANSI approved documents, Rules for Construction of Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Multiple Girder), also known as the NOG-1 Standard, and Rules for Construction of Cranes, Monorails, and Hoists (with Bridge or Trolley or Hoist of the Underhung Type), also known as the NUM-1 Standard.  Both the NOG and NUM Standards, or portions thereof, can be applied to cranes at facilities other than nuclear, where enhanced crane safety may be required, and can be provided by means of either single failure-proof features, redundant components, increased design factors, or seismic design.  The NOG and the NUM standards are applicable to all crane equipment identified in their scope with; Type I equipment being that used to handle critical loads and required to withstand a seismic event; Type II equipment being that not used to handle critical loads but required to withstand a seismic event; and Type III equipment being that not used to handle critical loads and not required to withstand a seismic event.  All members of the Committee are volunteers. Their backgrounds and experience vary, and represent constructors, design firms, laboratories, manufacturers, owners and government agencies. The Committee on Cranes for Nuclear Facilities (CNF) is currently meeting three times per year in various locations, primarily in the US, to discuss and raise issues affecting cranes built for nuclear facilities and for other facilities where enhanced crane safety is required.

Officers Staff Contact
CHAIR Aaron Kureck
VICE CHAIR Stephen Parkhurst
Jihoon Oh
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Two Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212)591-8544
Fax: 1(212)591-8501
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