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Approved Code Cases yet to be published
Code Case # Code Case Name
Alternative Requirements to Stress-Based Selection Criteria for Category B-J Welds
Ultrasonic Examination in Lieu of Radiography for Welds in Ferritic Pipe
Alternative Requirements for Pad Reinforcement of Class 2 and 3 Moderate-Energy Carbon Steel Piping for Raw Water Service
Clarification of NDE Practical Examination Requirements
Alternative Classification and Examination Requirements
Similar and Dissimilar Metal Welding Using Ambient Temperature Machine GTAW and SMAW Temper Bead Techniques
Weld Residual Stress Distributions for Piping and Vessel Nozzle Butt Welds Fabricated With UNS N06082, UNS W86182, UNS N06052, or UNS W86152 Weld Filler Material
Application of Risk-Informed Insights to Increase the Inspection Interval for Pressurized Water Reactor Vessels
Alternative Examination Coverage Requirements for Examination Category B-F, B-J, C-F-1, C-F-2, and R-A Piping Welds
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