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Record# Codes Affected Subject Posted Date File
24-74 BPVC-IX BPV IX - 2023: Table QW-288.1 Errata 04/18/24 PDF
23-1594 BPVC-IX BPV IX - 2023: Table QW-613 Errata 10/11/23 PDF
21-2341 BPVC-IX BPV IX Errata QW-466.1 11/02/21 PDF
21-1472 BPVC-CC-BPV, BPVC-CC-NC BPV Section IX Code Case 2996-1 Errata 08/19/21 PDF
20-2872 BPVC-IX Correction of ISO 15608 Group for UNS N26022 08/19/21 PDF
21-1580 BPVC-IX BPV IX QG-106 &QG-107 Errata 08/19/21 PDF
20-237 BPVC-IIC ERRATA: SC II Part C SFA 5.7 / AWS A5.7 ERCuAl-A2 Fe difference 03/02/20 PDF
19-2645 BPVC-IX BPV IX 2019 Errata - Table QW-288.1, Table QW-288.2, Table QW-388, QW-402.20, QW-402.30, QW-402.31, & QW-402.32 01/06/20 PDF
19-2755 BPVC-IX SG Materials ERRATA - Table QW-432 11/12/19 PDF
19-1798 BPVC-IX Errata (8/06/19 meeting) 09/09/19 PDF
17-2981 BPVC-IIC, BPVC-IX SC II-C and SC IX; Errata 02/28/18 PDF
17-2141 BPVC-IX SC IX; Errata 11/09/17 PDF
17-2776 BPVC-IX SC IX; Errata to Figure QW-466.1 11/09/17 PDF
17-475 BPVC-IX SC IX; Errata 03/07/17 PDF
17-438 BPVC-IX SC IX; Errata (2/14/17 meeting) 02/16/17 PDF
16-611 BPVC-IX SC IX; Errata (5/10/16 meeting) 05/16/16 PDF
15-2338 BPVC-IX SC IX; Errata (11/3/15 meeting) 11/04/15 PDF
15-1986 BPVC-CC-BPV SC IX; Code Case Errata 09/25/15 PDF
Note: Errata to the BPV Code may be posted on the ASME website to provide corrections to incorrectly published items, or to correct typographical or grammatical errors in BPV Codes. Such errata shall be used on the date posted.