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Record# Codes Affected Subject Posted Date File
19-1957 B16.5 B16.5-2017 (ERRATA): Threaded Figure in Table 8 & II-8 08/02/19 PDF
19-1570 B16.5 B16.5 - 2017: Errata in Table 5, Tolerances, Pitch Diameter 06/12/19 PDF
19-629 B16.5 - 2017 (Errata) - Table 2-1.1, Group 1.1 03/12/19 PDF
18-353 B16.5 B16.5 - Errata Table 5 03/26/18 PDF
12-626 B16.47 - Errata Table 42 05/14/12 PDF
12-565 B16.5 B16.5 Errata- Correction of the Spelling of the word "Coarse" in Table 1C 05/14/12 PDF
11-1892 B16.5 - Errata Para. 11/29/11 PDF
10-499 B16.5-2009 Errata to Table II-2-2.8 09/27/11 PDF
10-518 B16.5 Errata - Figure 15 of B16.5-2009 09/27/11 PDF
10-733 B16.47-2006 Errata - Correction to Table I-34 09/27/11 PDF
10-978 B16.5-2009 Errata Table II-2-3.11 09/27/11 PDF
Note: Errata may be posted on the ASME website to provide corrections to incorrectly published items, or to correct typographical or grammatical errors. Such errata shall be used on the date posted.
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