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B30 Published Interpretations
Published B30 interpretations are stored in the following database, which can be searched.

New requests for interpretation can be submitted using the following form:

The files below are published B30 interpretations go up to August 2015 and can also be found in the database https://cstools.asme.org/Interpretation/SearchInterpretation.cfm.

B30.1 Interpretations (68KB)
B30.2 Interpretations (2160KB)
B30.3 Interpretations (167KB)
B30.4 Interpretations (76KB)
B30.5 Interpretations (2068KB)
B30.7 Interpretations (23KB)
B30.8 Interpretations (633KB)
B30.9 Interpretations (1037KB)
B30.10 Interpretations (425KB)
B30.11 Interpretations (498KB)
B30.13 Interpretations (176KB)
B30.16 Interpretations (927KB)
B30.17 Interpretations (69KB)
B30.20 Interpretations (852KB)
B30.21 Interpretations (199KB)
B30.22 Interpretations (121KB)
B30.23 Interpretations (142KB)
B30.25 Interpretations (123KB)
B30.26 Interpretations (76KB)
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