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B30 PDH hours are below.

Availability of Professional Development Hours for ASME Technical Committee Activities

A program has been established a program that recognizes and promotes ASME C&S participation in technical committee activities as satisfying the Registered Professional Engineer (RPE) requirements for Professional Development Hours (PDH). Since many of the volunteers under the BNCS structure are Registered Professional Engineers, implementation of this program is intended to provide for personal professional development and an incentive for continued participation in the voluntary standards development system. It may also provide an incentive for new applications for committee membership. It is noted that the challenges and learning experiences at C&S meetings are equal to or greater than classical engineering training courses given as tutorials, and online courses.

Initially, implementation of this program will provide this service solely for members of technical committees under the BNCS structure that have an ASME staff secretary. A sign-in sheet for PDHs will be limited to members of the committee, as they are the only ones at the meeting required to attend for the full length of the meeting.

Documentation Requirements:
The ASME staff secretary will prepare a typed version of the attendance form in the minutes of the meeting for members to access. As a minimum, the form will contain the following:
• Name of the meeting e.g., Subcommittee on Safety Valve Requirements
• Scope of technical discussion for this specific committee; identification of Codes and Standards and excerpts from their scope of coverage or charter may be used. The secretary will consult with the committee officers in preparing this text to be included on the form.
• Date and time of the meeting (including any breaks). This is used to calculate PDHs as follows: If a meeting is from 9am to 4pm with one hour break and two fifteen minute breaks, this converts to 5.5 PDHs.
• Include a specific sign in sheet with full names of each attendee, e-mail address and location of PE registration and affiliation (support for their committee activity).

Technical Meeting Requirements
1. The meeting shall:
• Be scheduled in advance and have an agenda.
• Be a minimum of 4 hours in duration (excluding breaks)
• Have direct relation to the technical requirements of an ASME code or standard

2. The ASME staff secretary of the committee is responsible for recording the attendees and sign in information in the minutes of the meeting, which will be available to all committee members.

3. Committee members need to note in their own records the number of PDHs that have been awarded for participating in the meeting, and retain the minutes in case their licensing body requires this documentation.

4. The ASME staff secretary will post the minutes on the ASME committee web page for retention in accordance with ASME policy.

State PE Requirements:
ASME does not keep a regular track of each of the States renewal requirements. The onus for determining whether the event or activity will be accepted by the State Board is on the participant. Often these PDHs are accepted by State PE Licensing Departments, but each state is different and individuals should make sure their state accepts PDHs. You can find links to state requirements at the NCEES Web site: http://ncees.org/licensing-boards/.

It is hoped that this program will be beneficial to the volunteers, and encourage feedback on its usefulness in satisfying the Registered Professional Engineer (RPE) requirements for Professional Development Hours (PDH) set forth by State registration boards.

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