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Approved Interpretations and Code Cases
Interpretations and Code Cases
For recently approved interpretations please go to the following website:

The following provides a link to a ".pdf" file for historically approved A17 Interpretations.
Note: Inquiry 09-01 - This is an intent interpretation for A17.1a-2008. The Committee inadvertently approved language based on out of date language, that did not take into account the latest approved language for the Code.

The last file contains approved A17 Code Cases.

Missing or Incorrect Database Interpretations (329KB)
Vol 1: Interpretations Approved from April 2000 through January 2005 (928KB)
Vol 2: Interpretations Approved from May 2005 through May 2009 (822KB)
Vol 3: Interpretations Approved from Sept 2009 through May 2013 (707KB)
QEI-1 Interpretations (99KB)
ASME Publications Catalogue - A17 Documents (99KB)
Search for Interpretations (99KB)
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