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Approved Interpretations
For recently approved interpretations please go to the following website:

The following provides a link to a ".pdf" file for historically approved A17 Interpretations.

Note: Inquiry 09-01 - This is an intent interpretation for A17.1a-2008. The Committee inadvertently approved language based on out of date language, that did not take into account the latest approved language for the Code.

Vol 1: Interpretations Approved from April 2000 through January 2005 (928KB)
ASME Publications Catalogue - A17 Documents (928KB)
Vol 2: Interpretations Approved from May 2005 through May 2009 (822KB)
Vol 3: Interpretations Approved from Sept 2009 through May 2013 (707KB)
Search for Interpretations (707KB)
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