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The Performance Test Code Standards Committee develops codes, supplements and other types of documents, which provide rules and procedures for the planning, preparation, execution, and reporting of results for performance tests and evaluations.  

Officers Staff Contact
CHAIR Steven Scavuzzo
VICE CHAIR Thomas Kirkpatrick
Donnie Alonzo
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Two Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212) 591-8034
Associated Committee Pages
PTC 1 General Instructions
PTC 10 Compressors and Exhausters
PTC 11 Fans
PTC 12.1 Feedwater Heaters
PTC 12.2 Steam Surface Condensers
PTC 12.3 Deaerators
PTC 12.4 Moisture Separator Reheaters
PTC 12.5 Single-Phase Heat Exchangers
PTC 13 Blowers
PTC 17 Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines
PTC 18 Hydraulic Prime Movers
PTC 19.1 Test Uncertainty
PTC 19.10 Fuel and Exhaust Gas Analysis
PTC 19.11 Steam and Water Purity in the Power Cycle
PTC 19.2 Pressure Measurement
PTC 19.22 Digital Data Acquisition Systems
PTC 19.23 Guidance Manual for Model Testing
PTC 19.25 Non-Nulling Gas Velocity Measurement
PTC 19.3 Temperature Measurement
PTC 19.5 Flow Measurement
PTC 19.6 Electrical Power Measurements
PTC 2 Definitions and Values
PTC 22 Gas Turbines
PTC 23 Atmospheric Water Cooling Equipment
PTC 25 Pressure Relief Devices
PTC 29 Speed Governing Systems for Hydraulic Turbine Generator Units
PTC 30 Air Cooled Heat Exchangers
PTC 31 High-Purity Water Treatment Systems
PTC 34 Waste Combustors with Energy Recovery
PTC 36 Measurement of Industrial Sound
PTC 38 Performance Test Code on Particulate Matter Concentration In A Gas Stream
PTC 39 Steam Traps
PTC 4 Fired Steam Generators
PTC 4.2 Coal Pulverizers
PTC 4.3 Air Heaters
PTC 4.4 Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generators
PTC 40 Flue-Gas Desulfurization
PTC 46 Overall Plant Performance Test
PTC 47 Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle
PTC 48 Overall Plant Performance with Carbon Capture
PTC 50 Fuel Cell Power Systems Performance
PTC 51 Gas Turbine Inlet Air-Conditioning Equipment
PTC 52 Performance Test Code for Concentrating Solar Power Plants
PTC 53 Mechanical and Thermal Energy Storage Systems
PTC 55 Aircraft Engines
PTC 6 Steam Turbines
PTC 6.2 Steam Turbines in Combined Cycles
PTC 70 Performance Test Code on Ramp Rates
PTC 8.2 Centrifugal Pumps
PTC DVR Control and Quality Improvement of Process Data
US TAG to ISO/TC 192 Gas Turbines (PTC)
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VVUQ Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Modeling and Simulation
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