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Y14.46 Draft Standard on Additive Manufacturing
Y14.46 Draft Standard for Trial Use
ASME Publishes New Draft Standard for Trial Use on Additive Manufacturing.

As part of its ongoing efforts to better serve emerging technologies, ASME recently published Y14.46-2017, Product Definition for Additive Manufacturing [Draft Standard for Trial Use].
Developed under the Y14 Engineering Product Definition and Related Documentation Practices Standards Committee, this draft standard extends the Y14 series of standards to establish the definitions for model-based products for additive manufacturing. Y14.46 covers definitions of terms and features unique to additive manufacturing technologies with recommendations for their uniform specification in product definition data sets and related documents.

Y14.46 encompasses relevant additive manufacturing details including design, manufacturing, and quality engineering. This draft standard will help improve efficiency in manufacturing by providing a method on how to control product definition to the model by using annotations that are semantically associated to the feature geometry. Y14.46 provides definitions, symbols, rules, and guidelines pertaining to the numerous geometric characteristics essential for drafting and designing products and systems.

ASME has issued the new document as a “Draft Standard for Trial Use”, furthering the invitation for public comment and requests for revisions. To ensure the highest quality standards, comments and user experiences during the trial use period will be taken into consideration prior to being formally submitted to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for acceptance as an American National Standard.

For more information, contact Fredric Constantino (+1.212.591.8684).

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