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Stabilized Maintenance Standards
Stabilized Maintenance Standards
The following is a list of standards maintained under the Stabilized Maintenance option by the B5 Standards Committee:

B5.1M-1984 - T-slots, Their Bolts, Nuts, and Tongues
B5.9-1967 - Spindle Noses
B5.10-1994 - Machine Tapers   
B5.18-1972 - Spindle Noses and Tool Shanks for Milling Machines
B5.40-1977 - Spindle Noses and tool Shanks for Horizontal Boring Machines
B5.48-1977 Ball Screws
B5.55M-1994 Specification And Performance Standard, Power Press Brakes

B94.6-1984 Knurling
B94.7-1980 Hobs
B94.33-1996 Jig Bushings
B94.33.1-1997 Jig Bushings, Metric
B94.51M-1999 Specifications for Band Saw Blades (Metal Cutting)
B94.52M-1999 Specifications for Hack Saw Blades

The B5 Standards Committee shall consider all requests and recommendations for change to standards maintained under the stabilized maintenance option from any materially affected and interested party. The request shall be made in writing and should include the Standard designation as noted above and the rationale for the particular request in order to facilitate review by the Committee. The Committee shall provide a written response to the request within 60 days of its receipt.

Requests should be submitted via e-mail to the appropriate ASME Staff Contact listed on the B5 Committee Website at

Updated: 14 June 2019

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