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Standardization & Testing Awards & Medals
1) Standardization & Testing Awards and Medals
Below is a list of Awards and Medals that have been presented to Committee members who volunteer on a Committee under the S&C Standardization & Testing department.
Click on each link to see a list of recipents of the Award or Medal.

Certificates of Acclamation, Acheivement & Appreciation - last updated August 8, 2020 (149KB)
Dedicated Service Award - Standardization & Testing Department - last updated 2018-2 (18KB)
Dedicated Service Award - Performance Test Codes Department (11KB)
Performance Test Codes Medal (39KB)
Patrick Higgins Medal (20KB)
Dedicated Service Award from Governor or Council VP to Standardization & Testing Department Volunteer (9KB)
Anderson Pics (898KB)
Raja Pics (270KB)
Klimboff Pics (143KB)
Remedios Pics (956KB)
Parsons Pics (610KB)
DeBoom Pics (687KB)
Cutler Pics (450KB)
Parry Pics (1096KB)
Pictures for Alex Tabenkin (839KB)
Pictures for Dick Hook (384KB)
Pictures for Shabbir R (1889KB)
Pictures for Frank Bakos (564KB)
Pictures for Tom Charlton (1170KB)
Thomas Heil Pics (414KB)
Matt Dooley Pics (582KB)
Keith Kirkpatrick Pics (757KB)
Greenslade Pic (168KB)
Bratkovich Pic (735KB)
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