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Celebrating 125 Years of ASME Codes and Standards
June 2009 ME Magazine C&S Related Articles:
1. 125 Years of Codes and Standards Timeline
2. Celebrating Our Standards, Page 6, Editorial by John Falcioni, Editor-in-Chief
3. Codes to Live By, Pages 20-21, By Bernard E. Hrubala
4. ASME Standards and Certification Now & Beyond, Pages 22-26, By William Berger, June Ling, Michael Merker, Mark Sheehan, and David Wizda
5. To Protect and Serve, Pages 28-33, By John Varrasi
6. Organized for Action, Pages 34-41
7. Commercialization through Standards Development, Pages 42-44, By John J. Koehr
8. Stewards of Technology Subarticle by Harry Hutchinson
9. Closing Thoughts, Pages 45-46

Codes to Live By - By Bernard E. Hrubala (39KB)
125 Years of Codes and Standards Timeline (33KB)
Celebrating our Standards (632KB)
ASME Standards and Certification: Now and Beyond (239KB)
To Protect and Serve - By John Varrasi (61KB)
Organized for Action (61KB)
Commercialization Through Standards Development - By John Koehr (39KB)
Closing Thoughts (1973KB)
Stewards of Technology - By Harry Hutchinson (23KB)
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