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To develop, review and maintain a technology neutral standard for design of plant systems for nuclear facilities, including power generation; fossil power generation facilities (e.g., coal, natural gas); oil refining; oil and natural gas production; petrochemical; chemical; and hazardous waste plants and facilities. This standard provides processes and procedures for organizations to: (a) conduct process hazard evaluations and analysis in the early stages of design that (1) advance as the design matures and (2) provide structure to the development of a quantitative risk assessment; (b) incorporate and integrate existing systems engineering design processes, practices and tools with traditional architect engineering design processes, practices and tools; and (c) incorporate and integrate risk informed probabilistic design processes, practices and tools with traditional deterministic design processes using reliability and availability targets. The focus of this standard is to provide requirements and guidance for design processes, practices and tools that will provide a means for organizations to develop safer and more efficient system, structure, and product designs with quantified safety levels. 

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CHAIR Ralph Hill
VICE CHAIR Paul Donavin
STAFF SECRETARY Daniel Miro-Quesada
Daniel Miro-Quesada
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
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New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212)591-7386
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