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The A17 China International Working Group (A17 China IWG) serves as a subordinate group operating within the Charter of the A17 Elevators and Escalators Standards Committee and scope of the A17 series of standards. The A17 China IWG provides for the participation in A17 development by technical expert members based in China. The A17 China International Working Group will: • Initiate and process proposed standards actions for eventual consideration by the A17 Standards Committee. • Review and provide comments on proposed revisions to all A17 Standards and QEI-1. • Conduct technical and administrative activities related to all A17 Standards and QEI-1 development in accordance with approved ASME procedures, policies, and established guidelines. • Coordinate IWG activities with its parent committee and ASME staff. 

Officers Staff Contact
CHAIR Gongtian Shen
VICE CHAIR Guangchi Liang
STAFF SECRETARY Geraldine Burdeshaw
SECRETARY Qian JianXiong
Geraldine Burdeshaw
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Two Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212)591-8523
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