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Development of requirements to address wind tower elevators. 
ASME A17.8 standard addresses the design, construction, installation, operation, maintenance and inspection of wind turbine tower elevators.

ASME A17.8 is a new stand-alone standard that applies only to elevators and service lifts permanently installed in a wind turbine tower. These elevators provide vertical transportation of authorized personnel and their tools and equipment.

Wind turbine tower elevators, which are typically subjected to extreme temperatures, humidity variations, and substantial horizontal motions, have limited use and are placed in a unique type of tower structure. The new ASME standard was developed to provide uniform rules and guidelines to address these challenges and other challenges resulting from variations in wind turbine tower elevator design over the past 10 years.

Intended for anyone engaged in the safety of wind turbine elevators, including those responsible for: design, engineering and manufacture; installation, operation, testing, maintenance, alteration and repair; inspection; plans, contracts, administration, insurance and liability; property, facilities and plant management; and emergency response.

Officers Staff Contact
CHAIR Robert Scott Hultstrom
VICE CHAIR John Koshak
Riad Mohamed
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Two Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 1(212) 591-8528
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