ASME Codes & Standards Training Guide (48kb) - This document provides an overview of the Council on Codes & Standards' objectives for the continuous training of C&S volunteers and staff.

Trainer Guideline (37kb) - This document provides suggested strategies, tactics and tips for those who will be presenting the material contained in the C&S Training Modules.
Training Modules
To assist committees in tracking the training accomplished for the committee and its subordinate groups, a sample tracking form in an excel file is provided. Committees may use the form as is, modify it to suit the committee's needs or use some other means of tracking.

Questions or comments regarding the content of the modules should be addressed to the Chair or ASME Staff contact for the pertinent committee.

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Module A - Administrative

A1 Tools & Resources
PDF | PPT 11/22/10

A2 Standards & Certification Products
PDF | PPT 4/8/14

A3 Membership Maintenance
PDF | PPT 2/19/13

A4 Honors & Awards
PDF | PPT 12/20/12

A5 Publishing Codes & Standards
PDF | PPT 5/2/08

A6 Productive Meetings and Appropriate Ballot Comments
 PDF | PPT 1/31/14

Module B - Process

B1 Organizational Structure
PDF | PPT 9/20/12

B2 Standards Development: Staff and Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities
PDF | PPT 1/2/13

B3 Conformity Assessment: Committees and Staff Roles and Responsibilities |
PDF | PPT 6/30/14

B4 Initiating Standards Projects
PDF | PPT 6/2/2015

B5 Consensus Process for Standards Development
PDF | 10/17/13

B5a Standards & Certification Project Management
PDF | PPT  3/14/13

B6 The Basics of Parliamentary Procedure | 
PDF | PPT 4/25/08

B7 The Appeals Process
PDF | PPT 7/3/13

B8 International Standards Development
PDF | PPT 11/22/10

B9 ASME Conformity Assessment Programs |  PDF | PPT 10/19/15

B10 Performance Based Standards | 
PDF | PPT 11/6/12

B11. Standards Inquiries, Interpretations and Cases
PDF | PPT 12/7/15

Module C - Legal

C1 Conflict Of Interest/Code of Ethics
PDF | PPT 9/1/11

C2 Antitrust
PDF | PPT 7/7/08

C3 Torts
PDF | PPT 7/7/08

C4 Intellectual Property
PDF | PPT 7/7/08

C5 Speaking for The Society
PDF | PPT 7/7/08
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