Interpretation Detail  
Standard Designation: BPV Section VIII Div 1
Para./Fig./Table No:
Subject Description: Section VIII, Division 1, UCL-41
Date Issued: 12/13/1978
Record Number: BC-78-460
Interpretation Number : VIII-78-149
Question(s) and Reply(ies):

      Question (1): You plan to qualify per Section VIII, UCL-41 for welding clad plate on an integrally clad plate (SA-264), 20 mm thick made up of 17 mm of SA-516 Gr. 70 and 3 mm of TP 316 L. What range of thickness is qualified by this procedure test under Section IX?

      Reply (1): UCL-41(a)(2) states the thickness of "QW 451 shall apply to total thickness of clad plate." Therefore the 2t rule applies to 20 mm and the range qualified per Section IX would be 5 mm to 40 mm.

      Question (2): If the clad plate in Question (1) had 16 mm base plate thickness and 8 mm clad thickness, what would the thickness range qualified be for
      (a) total thickness?
      (b) clad plate thickness?

      Reply (2):
      (a) 5 mm to 48 mm.
      (b) Although not specifically addressed it would follow that a liberal thickness tolerance, such as 5 mm to 16 mm thickness of cladding, would be qualified.

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