Interpretation Detail  
Standard Designation: BPV Section VIII Div 1
Para./Fig./Table No:
Subject Description: Section VIII, Division 1; UCL-36(b)
Date Issued: 07/08/1977
Record Number: BC-77-323
Interpretation Number : VIII-77-67
Question(s) and Reply(ies):

      Question: Under the provisions of UCL-36(b) and UW-52(a), are the welds in a vessel of a Specification SA-264, designed for external pressure and welded with austenitic chromium-nickel steel filler metal, required to be spot radiographed?

      Reply: The provisions of UCL-36(b) are applicable to chrome alloy cladding which has a quality of air-hardening and, as such, would not be applicable to SA-264 which is a chrome nickel high alloy non-air-hardening cladding. Therefore, such a vessel welded with austenitic chromium nickel steel filler metal would not be required to be spot examined per UCL-36(b).

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