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Standard Designation: BPV Section VIII Div 1
Para./Fig./Table No:
Subject Description: Section VIII, Division 1 (1995 Edition, 1995 Addenda); UG-116, UW-40, UCS-56, and Appendix 27
Date Issued: 10/09/1996
Record Number: BC96-129
Interpretation Number : VIII-1-95-116
Question(s) and Reply(ies):

      Question (1): In complying with the requirements of Appendix 27 in Section VIII, Division 1, is it necessary that the provisions of UCS-56 (i.e., rate of heating/cooling, and minimum thermocouple quantity and location) be met for a glass-lined (enameled-lined) vessel when thermal heating is performed only for the purpose of the glass-lining and not for any Code or service requirements, and the vessel is exempted from impact testing and the maximum thickness is less than or equal to 1½ in.?

      Reply (1): No.

      Question (2): When any portion of a vessel is subjected to thermal heat treatment for the purpose of a glass-lining operation only, under Appendix 27, must the nameplate of the completed vessel be marked HT when PWHT is not a Code requirement?

      Reply (2): No.

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