Interpretation Detail  
Standard Designation: BPV Section VIII Div 1
Para./Fig./Table No:
Subject Description: Section VIII-1, UG-55, UG-80, UG-82, UW-5, and Appendix 2
Date Issued: 10/01/1984
Record Number: BC82-122
Interpretation Number : VIII-1-83-297
Question(s) and Reply(ies):

      Question (1): What rules in Section VIII, Division 1, shall be used for the design of a flange with a full face gasket?

      Reply (1): Section VIII, Division 1, contains no rules for the design of flanges using full face gaskets. [Refer to U-2(g).]

      Question (2): For nonpressure parts fabricated of material not specified in Section VIII, Division 1, does the act of welding one nonpressure part to another part prove weldability?

      Reply (2): Yes; see UG-5(b).

      Question (3): Does the process used to weld nonpressure parts to pressure parts (the shell) require a WPS?

      Reply (3): Yes.

      Question (4): In Section VIII, Division 1, for stiffening rings on a vessel under external pressure where all the rules of UG-30 are met, is it also necessary to meet the rules of UG-82(b)?

      Reply (4): No.

      Question (5): Are roundness templates required for shells subject to internal pressure only?

      Reply (5): No.

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