Interpretation Detail  
Standard Designation: BPV Section VIII Div 1
Para./Fig./Table No:
Subject Description: Section VIII, Division 1 (2001 Edition); UG-29 and UG-30
Date Issued: 06/05/2002
Record Number: BC02-2744
Interpretation Number : VIII-1-01-126
Question(s) and Reply(ies):

Question (1): When conduction calculations in accordance with UG-29 and UG-30 of Section
VIII, Division 1 for determining stiffening ring size and stiffening ring attachment weld size, is it
acceptable to use the nominal shell thickness (less corrosion allowance) if this value is larger than the minimum required shell thickness?

Reply (1): Yes.

Question (2): In example L-5.3 of Section VIII, Division 1, what is the definition of the term "Q"?

Reply (2): "Q" is the first moment of the area as defined in strength of material engineering

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